The Tourism industry is by far the largest single export earner in Kenya. Tourism forms a vital foundation for the country's economy and it highlights two of Kenya's most unique features: wildlife and beaches. Careful planning and proactive leadership have maximized the tourism potential as Kenya continually outpaces its East African neighbors. A solid infrastructure coupled with a devotion to wildlife conservation has propelled Kenya to the forefront of the regional tourism industry.

It is growing as a result of the liberalization measures, diversification of tourist generating markets and continued Government commitment to providing an enabling environment, coupled with successful tourism promotion and political stability. Enormous opportunities exist for investment in film production; recreation and entertainment facilities in the following areas:

  • Conference Tourism
  • Cultural tourism
  • Cruise ship Tourism
  • Aviation/tour and travel Tourism
  • Eco-tourism

Below is a list of Educational Institutions and Centers that provide training and/or training facilities that promote tourism awareness:

  • Studying Tourism at Kenya Utalii College
  • Training with Kenya Wildlife Services
  • KWS Education Centers
  • Nairobi Safari Walk
  • Nairobi Education Centre - Animal Orphanage
  • Nakuru Education Centre
  • Tsavo East Education Centre
  • Tsavo West Education Centre

The UNWTO World Tourism Week /Kenya Tourism Week

This is one of the best times for tourists to visit the country. Kenya mainly starts its tourism week from September 21 to 27, which is World Tourism Day. Throughout this week-long celebration, tourists can explore the various attractions in the area. The most popular events include culture, art, music and cuisine exhibitions. Kenya Tourism Week allows tourists to travel around regions that are less popular, making it a good strategy to promote local tourism. Moreover, good planning and showcasing has made Kenya the most important travel destination in the East African region.