All loan applications must be in writing or online and should be acknowledged within seven (7) days of receipt thereof.

General Requirements

Applicants in the case of a limited liability company or partnership the enterprise must be incorporated/ registered in Kenya and in case of a natural person he or she must be a Kenyan citizen.

  • The project/ business must be located in Kenya.
  • The venture must be a tourism related enterprise
  • The project should demonstrate commercial viability and technical feasibility.
  • Project sponsors should be credit worthy and demonstrate capability to
  • Meet the terms and conditions of the facility. Project sponsors will be subjected to evaluation by Credit Referencing Bureaus.

All the requisite loan appraisal documents as detailed hereunder must be fully provided:

  • A fully completed application form.
  • Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation/ Registration of Business Name/IDs.
  • Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association / Partnership Deed.
  • Copies of the I.D and P.I.N. Certificates of the proprietors/ directors
  • Copy of the Company’s P.I.N Certificate.
  • Copy of the Company’s latest Annual Return where applicable.
  • Board Resolution to borrow.
  • Bank statements for the last six months.
  • Audited accounts for the last three (3) years and Management Accounts for the un-audited period for projects that are already in operation.
  • Feasibility Study /Business Plan.
  • An Environmental Impact Assessment Licence (to be provided before disbursement)
  • Copy of the Title Document of proposed security free of encumbrances
  • A valuation report from a valuer on the Corporation’s panel.
  • Bills of Quantities report estimating the cost of the project accompanied by a draw down schedule for assessment by the Corporation prepared by a Quantity Surveyor on the Corporation’s panel.
  • National Construction certificate
  • Any other documents as deemed necessary by the Corporation.


Appraisal and Commitment Fees

The following fees are applicable to all loan facilities;

Appraisal Fee

Appraisal fee is charged at a rate of 1.5% of the approved loan amount payable upon approval before disbursement a minimum of Kshs.50,000 will be applicable.

Commitment Fees

Commitment Fees will be charged at a rate of 1% of the approved amount after acceptance of loan offer.

The Commitment Fee is payable before disbursement. All fees, once paid to the Corporation, are non-refundable

Interest Rate

Interest charge is 9.5% per annum on reducing balance.

Equity Contribution

In the following instances, the borrower must make equity contribution as detailed hereunder:

Working Capital Facility

This shall be financed 100%.

Development Loan

Not less than 30% of the total project cost of which at least 10% must be in the form of liquid resources.

Expansion and Refurbishment Facility

Not less than 30% of the total project cost of which at least 10% must be in the form of liquid resources.

Asset Finance Facility

Not less than 20% of the cost of the asset.


A moratorium period of up to maximum of 12 months will be granted.

Repayment Period

The repayment periods shall be as follows;

Working Capital Facility

Up to a maximum period of five (5) years.

Development Loan

Up to a maximum period of ten (10) years.

Expansion and Refurbishment Facility

Up to a maximum period of ten (10) years.

Asset Finance Facility

Up to a maximum period of four (4) years.

Refinancing Facility

Up to a maximum of ten (10) years.



Criteria of Projects and Areas to be funded in the financial:

  • A significant impact to socio-economic development.
  • Projects that are aligned to the National Tourism Master plan and also the counties investment plan.
  • Must demonstrate Financial and economic feasibility and sustainability
  • Substantial resources by proponents to investing the project
  • A significant contribution to the transformation of the tourism industry.
  • Projects in rural and marginalized areas that lack accommodation and have a demand for these facilities.
  • rojects must demonstrate a bias to employing the youth, women and persons with disabilities.
  • The projects must promote energy efficiency.
  • Investors in the hotel and accommodation projects must have Hotel management background and / have a management company that is will to run the hotel on behalf of the investors.

The type of projects that would qualify for funding includes:

  • Accommodation facilities
  • Buildings i.e. eco lodges budget hotels
  • Furniture, fittings & equipment
  • Renovations and expansion
  • Refurbishments
  • Amusement parks
  • Tourism attractions like Aquariums, Historic sites that need improvements.
  • Accommodation in National parks.
  • Tourism Finance corporation Investments/subsidiaries.